Water Compression Valves

Who is holding your water meter accountable? Your local water company sure isn’t. Did you know that when your water meter is "reading water" that it is also reading AIR and TURBULENCE from that air? Our patented water compression valves by Watergater™ are the fastest and easiest way to recover lost expenses from the water company. Savings up to 40%! It’s time to hold your water meter and water company accountable.

How It Works

There are many reasons that water lines have air in them, such as construction, shutdowns, leaks and temperature changes. The Watergater™ valve is designed to compress this air before it passes through your water meter so that you don't have to pay for it.


The Benefits

This flow management device compresses excess air in your water supply and combats the inefficiency of metering devices. It also protects your plumbing from fluctuations in the water's supply by regulating the flow to let only the right amount in.It even serves as a check valve to keep water from returning back into the main water portal.

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