LED Lighting

If your business hasn’t converted to LED lighting yet, you are missing out on instant savings on your electric bill. LED lighting can save up to 50% or more on the lighting portion of your bill, not to mention the impact that LED’s can have on your heating and cooling. With access to over 40 top manufacturers, Volarus Energy Solutions can design a custom lighting solution that will INSTANTLY provide savings!

LED Lighting Program

Do you own a business that uses lights 9-10 hours or more a day? Do you currently use fluorescent, incandescent or metal halide technology? Are you or your maintenance personnel replacing light bulbs every week? Are you interested in saving money and improving your lighting?

What if you could replace all the lights in your business with the latest, greatest LED Technology and save 60-80% of the electricity you currently use for your lighting. And what if you could do this and the energy savings would pay for the new lighting in two years or less? Would you be interested? What if the lighting could be financed and the electrical savings would not only pay for the monthly financing, but provide a monthly positive cash flow?

Volarus Energy Solutions is in the business of saving your business signficant sums of money that currently goes to pay for electricity and maintenance every month on your lighting. What most businesses don’t realize is that the electricity used for lighting represents, on average, 40% of your total electricity bill. If we can save you 60% of that electricity usage by converting to LED Lighting, the average business will save almost 25% off of their electric bill. Wow! Now you have money going back to your business versus the large electric companies!

Let us do a lighting survey and financial analysis today to determine exactly how much you can save on your electric bill by converting to LED Lighting.

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