Smart Building Control

Did you know by simply having a building automation system, your building can run more efficiently? Fully automated lighting and temperature controls are a great way to uncover more savings for your business. Many buildings have a standard building automation system that can generally save only 5% to 7%. Volarus Energy Solutions, however, has partnered with FADRS® to bring you the absolute best-in-class, award winning and patented Fully Automated Enhanced Building Automation System on the planet! This is a Building Automation on steroids which provides up to 25% additional savings.


Our patented technology keeps building occupants comfortable while:

1. Saving 15% - 25% of the annual energy used by a building, campus, town or city with *controls only*.

Since the national average is just 5% - 7%, that means that FADRS® produces *3 to 5 times* GREATER performance than any other technology on the market.

1. Enables clients to participate in power grid programs such as Demand Response. We have been Measured & Verified by the world’s largest power grid (The PJM Interconnection) and PPL Energy Solutions to drop 30% - 60% Peak KW Demand

Since the national average is just 10% this means we perform *3 to 6 times* GREATER than any other technology on the market*.*

1. Enables clients to have *"Near Zero"* or *"Net Zero" Energy COST* with a combination of the following five (5) things:

1. Significant Demand Response financial incentives from the power grid.
2. 24/7/365 Energy Savings (Shows up on client utility bills).
3. Frequency Regulation financial incentives from the power grid.
4. Wholesale priced equipment control.
5. Selling electricity to the power grid

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